Book Club:Boundaries for Your Soul How to Turn Your Overwhelming Thoughts and Feelings into Your Greatest Allies By Alison Cook, Phd and Kimberly Miller, MTh, LMFT

_225_350_Book.2607.coverI been really trying to focus on self growth and improving my own life. I love this book it helps you focus on how not to let your own thoughts in your way. There is reason for everything in life. You have to learn to turn your thoughts into allies. There is a reason for self doubt it normally fear but you can use those fears to help you achieve your dream and goals. This book is truly one of a kind. I would recommend this to anyone I know.


I received this book for my honest opinion in no way has my opinion been influenced by outside sources.


Book Review: 100 Days of Thanks By Thomas Nelson Gift Books

_225_350_Book.2619.cover.jpgThis is an amazing book about giving thanks and for being thankful in your day to day life. This book is full of spiritual inspiration and a wonderful journal to help people pin point their thoughts and ideas and to live a thankful and happy life.  There is plan for you to take notes and really reflect on what you need in your life. This book helps you to be thankful for everything in your life. The good and the bad. You will find peace and happiness in the day to day.


I received this book from the publishers for my honest opinion in no way has my opinion been influenced by outside sources.

Money Making App: Scratchy

th.jpegYou may be new to the money making app scratchy. If you like scratcher this app could be for you. You don’t have to spend a cent to pay. You just have to scratch 3 in a row of any logo or deal to win. I personally found this app to be a waste of time. I used this app for a full month to give a honest review. The only thing I would was few deals that I could found on my own by searching the web. If you just like to feel like you won something this game could be for you but if you have hopes of winning a gift card. This is a waste of time.

Verdict: Pass