Spotlight Club: Paperback Swap

IMG_0846.JPGRecently I have discovered a way to trade books with book lovers just like myself. My first reaction was neutral I didn’t see a lot of books I would normally read but that the beauty of the site. I love to save as much money as possible on books and discover new authors and genres. I have had a few experience with not liking books I thought I would love. This site give me the chance to trade those book misses. A lot of the books on the site are older but with  frequent searches you will find a few good books to request. I request such books as girl on the train, the love play book, daily candy a-z, and the starter wife. You will have to pay postage to swap books but the cost is unbelievable affordable less than $4. For every book you swap you have the opportunity to request another users book and they will send their book to you for no charge. There is no fee to join. If you into the talking with other users about your favorite reads you also have the chance to add users as friends. You also create a kind of a  Facebook profile wth your photo and list some of your book favorite books, books you want to read and post reviews. In a matter of no time you will be swapping books all of the US with thousands of book lovers.   ✍ ✉ツ

My Rating:♥♥♥♥♥


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