Let’s Talk Sex Baby!!


Sex a taboo word for some which limits the resource may have to have the right kind of sex education and ask questions to subjects they may be afraid to ask. It very important for you to feel comfortable and not ashamed of wanting to know more or having questions about sex.  A wonderful website called Teen Source has wonderful facts and answers common questions you may have about sex since hookup happen. Life is full of having questions about yourself and desire. You shouldn’t be ashamed to what to know more. On Teen source you can find common question about:

-Sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sex trafficking
-Adolescent relationship abuse, intimate partner violence and sexual coercion
-Sexual orientation and sexuality
-Gender identity, gender roles and gender stereotypes
-Healthy relationships
-Consent, communication and healthy decision-making
-HIV prevention and other STD prevention including testing and treatment
-Pregnancy prevention, parenting, adoption and abortion
-Local health care services


Teen source offers anonymous packs with condoms and STD facts to teens who request under the age of 19.

Have questions? Check out http://www.teensource.org and find the answer you need without the shame or confusion. You can also locate a clinic near you.


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