Book Club: We the People by Juan Williams


As suggestion in the title. We are people the author Juan Williams introduces the reader on the life and work of a new generation of American Founders, who honor the original Founders’ vision, even as they have quietly led revolutions in American politics, immigration, economics, sexual behavior, and reshaped the landscape of the nation. The idea of freedom and what America stands for is always changing and each generation shapes that change. As a political Science major, I enjoy how Williams shows hard and long journey that America has took to get to the point it is today. The hope that the next generation will take us forward to achieve better and greater things. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to leaner how laws and government have changed in the world over the last few centuries.

Available: Barnes and Noble & Amazon

My Rating: ♥♥♥

I received this book from the publishers for my honest opinion in no way has my opinion been influenced by outside sources


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