Actor Hack #1

Just recently I have decided that I want to try my hand again at acting. Acting is an up and down field for anyone who has tried before it full of rejection and success. Unlike what we see in magazines most actors don’t have tons of money to spend on simple goods while chasing their dream of being a working actor.  One of the most important tips I have learn is to stay in the know about movies, shows and everything that relates to entertainment. You can miss opportunities and changes by not knowing what going on. One way I learn to do this to read magazines. Here my random list of magazines actors should pick up.

  1. Hollywood Reporter
  2. Entertainment Weekly
  3. Variety
  4. Backstage
  5. Soap Opera Digest

Recently, I saw a casting call for a new soap opera web series like a famous soap show I never heard of. It will help you know what the writers are going for when you audition if you are familiar with famous shows. I also learn of missed opportunities by learning that my some what not actor friendly town had a few casting opportunities from a entertainment magazines. You can found some the  magazines listed for free by searching the web. Many companies offer free magazines for simple surveys and you will save a little $$$ to focus on another actor tools like headshots and acting classes.

Websites for I know are legit…


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