Ways to discover yourself….

Take time to identify the activities and actions that make you feel great about yourself and life.

  1. Find out what kind of movies you like by watching something new and different.
  2. Read a good book or re-read an old favorite
  3. Watch shows that are funny or comforting.
  4. Take time for yourself, away from others.
  5. Get a full night’s sleep regularly. Found out how much sleep works for you some need six hours some need more.
  6. Check in with yourself by keeping a journal or diary.
  7. Light a candle and take a hot bath being alone can help you discover yourself.
  8. Visit your favorite spot in the city you live in and look for new places you think you may like.
  9. Take a day off of work if you need to discover things you like to do.
  10. Write down a list of things you are thankful for along goals for self.
  11. Eat a balanced diet, but treat yourself to your favorite guilty pleasure.
  12. Exercise.
  13. Listen to your favorite artists and check out some similar artist suggestions.
  14. Turn off your phone for a day. Unplug is the best way to discover yourself.
  15. Splurge a little. Take yourself on a shopping trip and buy something new and different for yourself
  16. Do something that inspires and motivates you.
  17. Make future plans for a trip or event you’re excited about. Traveling is a great way to learn more about things you like and love in life.
  18. Spend time with a close friend or family member to remind you how important love ones are to you in your life.
  19. Make a to do list.
  20. Remember that self-care is not optional, it’s essential to discovering yourself.

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